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15 questions you MUST ask your registered migration agent today

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When you are applying for a visa, it is very important that you are aware of all the details of your visa application, including whether or not your migration agent is registered with the Office of Migration Agent Registration Authority. Applying for a visa is often a difficult and confusing pathway, but by asking these 15 questions to your registered migration agent will help you understand the process.

  1. Are you registered with the Office of Migration Agent Registration Authority?
  2. What are your professional fees? Does this include or exclude Goods and Services Tax (GST)?
  3. Are there any additional costs for each family member included in my application?
  4. How much are the Australian Government fees for lodging my application?
  5. Should I apply for a temporary or permanent visa?
  6. What is the standard processing time associated with the visa subclass I am applying for?
  7. When is the best time for me to apply for this visa?
  8. Should I apply as the ‘primary’ visa applicant? Or should I be a secondary applicant on my partner’s visa?
  9. Are you aware of any upcoming fee increases or changes to the legislation that may impact my application?
  10. Do I need to be inside or outside of Australia when I lodge my visa application?
  11. Do I need to be inside or outside of Australia when my visa is granted?
  12. Have you done similar cases to mine (e.g. same visa subclass, same ANZSCO (if applicable))?
  13. Will I need to undergo any examinations or assessments (e.g. skills assessment or IELTS examination)?
  14. What does this visa let me do (e.g. work (if so how many hours), study etc)?
  15. What conditions am I subject to on this visa subclass?

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