5 FAQ’s for New Zealand citizens wanting to enter Australia


1. What are the requirements?

A New Zealand citizen wanting to enter Australia needs to present a valid New Zealand passport and incoming passenger card for immigration clearance. By doing so, New Zealand citizens are considered to have applied for a visa and, subject to health or character considerations, will be granted an Special Category Visa (SCV).

2. What if I have a medical or character concern?

Before travelling to Australia, a New Zealand citizen with tuberculosis or any criminal convictions (that resulted in imprisonment or a suspended sentence) should contact an Australian immigration office.

3. Is the Special Category Visa a temporary or permanent visa?

The SCV is a temporary visa.

4. What does the Special Category visa entitle me to do?

The SCV allows New Zealand citizens to remain indefinitely and live, work or study in Australia lawfully as long as that person remains a New Zealand citizen.

5. Does I have the same rights and benefits as an Australian citizen or permanent resident? 

No. Generally you are not able to (1) vote in Australian government elections (2) access student loans (3) join the Australian Defence Force (4) obtain ongoing work for the Australian government.

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    I am Permanent Residence of NZ, now i wana apply for permanent residence of australia on skills based. what kind of documents i need for that, I am IT expert, now working in sales.



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