5 key benefits of studying with Edinburgh Business School


ImmiAdvisor asked Edinburgh Business School to provide 5 key benefits of their MBA program, here is what they said:

1.   World’s largest MBA

Our MBA programme attracts more students from more countries than any other programme in the world. We have more than 11,500 active students studying our postgraduate business programmes and an alumni of more than 17,000.

2.  Designed for working professionals

We are one of the world’s most innovative business schools. A pioneer of distance and online-based professional learning, we allow you to study for your programme where you like, when you like and at the pace you like.

3.   Globally recognised

Edinburgh Business School is the Graduate School of Business of Heriot Watt University. The university carries the highest level of accreditation in the UK (The Royal Charter), which means our degrees are recognised in all Commonwealth countries as well as in the US. We have partners across 6 continents, and students studying in over 160 countries.

4.   Flexible

Our unrivalled level of flexibility allows you to fit your study to your lifestyle – there is no maximum or minimum length of study or number of courses you can study at one time.

5.   Accessible and transportable

We provide everything you need to study effectively – that means a comprehensive course text delivered through an interactive, password-protected website and in print (optional). The course website also offers questions, case studies, past exam papers with model answers, links to relevant websites and a questions and answers facility on the Faculty Boards. You then register for and sit your exams when you’re ready and you can do so in any of our 350+ exam centres worldwide.

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