5 tips on how to find your new home


We know how difficult it is to find a house, especially if you are new to the country. In this post ImmiAdvisor provides 5 tips on finding your new home in Australia.

1. Suburb reports

If you want an overview of a specific suburb you can find free and paid reports on

2. How to find property for sale or rent

Most property for sale or rent is listed on the following websites which show properties listed by different agents and usually include photographs of the home and details of the property including price. If the property is selling for an auction remember the price is only indicative.

3. Service apartments

A serviced apartment is fully furnished and ready to live in. Many migrants pre-book a serviced apartment before they move to Australia to give them time to search for a permanent home. The prices decrease generally if you stay longer. The following websites may help you find a serviced apartment:

4. Share accommodation

Sometimes people who rent or own a house rent out a single room. If you wish, you might like to apply for shared accommodation. You may also wish to apply together to rent a house. If you wish to find a flat mate, the following website might help you:

5. Furniture

As mentioned above, some homes may be fully furnished. If this is the case you may only be required to purchase kitchen utensils etc and not major items. You should ask the real estate agent exactly what is and is not included in the agreement. You can also rent your furniture, or try second-hand and discounted furniture stores throughout Australia.

Popular stores for furnishing your home include:

  • IKEA
  • Freedom
  • Harvey Norman

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