8 visa conditions for Student Guardian Visas


Below are some common visa conditions attached to an Australian student guardian visa.

1. You must not depart Australia without the nominating student to whom your visa relates unless you have provided evidence to the immigration department that there are compassionate or compelling circumstances and that you have put in place alternative arrangements until your return for the nominating student’s accommodation, general welfare and support. Where the nominating student is less than 18 years, the alternative arrangements must be approved by the nominating student’s education provider.

2. You are not allowed to work while in Australia.

3.  You are subject to the ‘no further stay’ condition. The ‘no further stay’ condition means that after entering Australia, you may not be granted another visa while you remain in Australia, other than a further Student Guardian visa or protection visa.

4. You must maintain your approved Overseas Visitor Health Cover whilst in Australia.

5. You must reside with the nominating student to whom your visa relates.

6. You must provide appropriate accommodation, general welfare and other support arrangements for the nominating student to whom your visa relates.

7. You must continue to be a person who would satisfy the primary criteria for the grant of a Student Guardian Visa.

8. You must not engage for more than 3 months in any studies/ training. If you are studying the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students you can study less than 20 hours per week for the duration of your visa.

* Please refer to your visa grant notification letter for details of all your visa conditions.

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